Caty Cartwright

“Mick’s media training session for our senior team members was extremely helpful. His expertise shone through as he provided insightful background on broadcast media, making the content engaging and relevant. Mick’s incorporation of realistic scenarios allowed our team to visualise different situations and effectively prepare them for potential real-life challenges.

“Throughout the session, Mick offered invaluable advice, feedback, and tips. His attention to detail benefitted colleagues with varying levels of experience and Mick fostered an environment of confidence to allow each person to deliver their message effectively.

“Overall, Mick’s media training was both informative and interesting, equipping our team with the skills and assurance needed to excel in media interactions.”

Caty Cartwright, PR & Communications Manager at Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd
Gemma Stewart

“Mick delivered an excellent combination of expertise, practicality, and engaging delivery.

“What impressed me most was the hands-on approach that the training adopted. The interactive sessions, case studies, and role-playing exercises allowed us to apply the theoretical knowledge immediately, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable.”

Gemma Stewart, Head of People & Culture at fashion brands Oh Polly & Bo+Tee
Saskia Lightburn-Ritchie

“I’ve engaged with the media sporadically throughout my career, but until Mick Ord’s training, I hadn’t experienced the full scope of strategic media engagement.

“His training arrived at a pivotal moment for our charity, as we were preparing for crucial TV interviews aimed at raising awareness during a funding crisis.

“Mick’s insights into the media landscape, combined with his practical, hands-on approach, have been invaluable and I wholeheartedly recommend Mick to any individual or organization looking to master the art of media engagement.”

Saskia Lightburn-Ritchie, CEO, Cheshire Without Abuse (MyCWA)
Lesley Worswick
“Mick was excellent in providing media training to key leadership and management colleagues who work across various service areas within the Authority.

“Combining a bespoke scenario-based approach with a series of authentic mock interviews not only helped staff to think on their feet but worked incredibly well as a team building exercise.

“Mick’s wealth of experience within the broadcast media industry shone through, as the team walked away from a full-day training session armed with insightful feedback and easy-to-remember idioms – both of which will be highly useful for future media engagements.”

Lesley Worswick, Chief Executive – Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority
Susan Anne French-Cannon

“I can highly recommend Mick Ord Media Consultancy. I was fortunate to experience their Introduction to Podcasting Course recently.

“It was thorough and professional as well as highly informative. The day was friendly & relaxed and the programme accommodated all my interests.

“All aspects of podcasting were covered: technical, editorial and a workshop where I was able to practise my newly acquired skills.

“Mick was very supportive and gave me good advice about the industry.”

Susan Anne French-Cannon
Dr Kehinde Ross
“Mick provided excellent media and podcasting training sessions for Liverpool John Moores PhD students from Clinical Pharmacy and the Thematic Doctoral Pathway on Transformative Peptide Chemistry for RNA Nanotherapies.

“The students were inspired by the expert insight, the case studies, and the practice TV interviews that gave them real-world experience of media engagement.

“Mick drew on his vast experience and knowledge base to craft a bespoke session that exceeded our expectations and I look forward to working with him again next year with a new cohort of students.”

Dr Kehinde Ross, Liverpool John Moores University
Liz Grieve
“We have worked with Mick for many years and he is an important part of our support to Senior Managers and Lead Members in terms of communications and reputation management.

“His wealth of experience, particularly in terms of broadcast media, gives people confidence in his advice and guidance.

“He offers practical help and support, and the mock interviews that he conducts are very realistic, giving people the confidence for future demands.”

Liz Grieve, Head of Communities and Customers, Denbighshire County Council
Kelly Allen
“Mick did a great job of balancing ideas and tips with practical exercises during the day. Having time to roll up our sleeves, be interviewed on camera and get feedback from each other was uncomfortable and absolutely essential! Lots of us realised that we’re better at this than we thought we were, and that confidence boost is invaluable.

“Rather than walking away with pages of theories and notes, we walked away with a few golden nuggets which I can still genuinely remember (Pity, Praise and Promise for disaster Comms) and a visceral experience of feeling more prepared.”

Kelly Allen, Executive Director: Social Justice and Inclusion, Curious Minds
Hayley Ward
“Working with Mick to provide staff media relations training was fun and insightful!

“Mick helped our team bring scenarios to life, provided practical opportunities to put learning into practice and made it fun and interesting along the way.

“We look forward to working with Mick again soon.”

Hayley Ward, Head of Marketing and Communications, The Regenda Group
Steve Lambert
“I have worked with Mick who provided Crisis Comms training and support as part of the Business Continuity scenario-based exercises with several of my clients.

“He is very knowledgeable, professional and provided exceptional support to the sessions. The feedback from my clients has been excellent.

“I would recommend Mick to anyone looking to test and improve their Crisis Comms planning and response to incidents that may affect their organisation.”

Steve Lambert, Senior Consultant, Biscon Planning Limited
Lucy Hodson
“Mick has provided us with a number of group media training sessions both in person and virtually due to Covid-restrictions.
“On each occasion he has taken the time to research our organisation and develop a raft of scenarios and useful tools that could be used by colleagues in varying roles across the organisation. Taking into account that a number of participants had very little experience of working with the media and no training to speak of, Mick put them at ease and helped them to gain confidence through his wealth of knowledge and experience along with tried and tested interview techniques.
“The training is really interactive and gets participants out of their comfort zones. There is an opportunity to evaluate your approach to example media interviews, and Mick helps participants adapt and readjust their techniques in order to bring out the best of their abilities.
“I would highly recommend Mick to work with. His communication is great and he listens to what’s required, creating bespoke packages rather than pushing out a one-size-fits-all approach.
“Even with Covid-restrictions, he managed to get the best out of the colleagues we put forward for training, and everyone really enjoyed their experience of working with him.”
Lucy Hodson, Head of PR & Communications, National Museums Liverpool
Farhad Ahmed
“Mick was commissioned to help HSE create a suite of podcasts for the chemicals industry. I worked closely with him and have to say he is the consummate communications professional.
“He was not only flexible and accommodating to our needs but was able to provide expert advice and feedback which helped us shape the content.
“He offered us an end-to-end service, guiding us through the drafting of questions, hosting and presenting, producing, editing and transcribing.
“Mick was always very responsive and worked to our, sometimes demanding, timescales.
“I would highly recommend him and he was a pleasure to work with.”
Farhad Ahmed, Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, Health & Safety Executive
Paul Smith

“Mick ran two workshops for two very different groups of people – the first with our core staff team and the second with a group of freelance artists.

“Both sessions were fun, focused and endlessly useful – moving from an overview of press and marketing to practical, hands-on scenarios.

“Each participant left these sessions with increased knowledge, confidence and an understanding of how to better prepare for future media activity.

“Throughout all of this, Mick was incredibly personable and responsive to our organisation’s specific needs.

“I simply couldn’t recommend Mick or his work any higher.”

Paul Smith, Artistic Director and CEO of Middle Child Theatre, Hull
Michelle McKinnon

“I have spent about a month with Mick on reviewing my TV clips on market commentary. Mick walked through every clip and gave me very specific feedback.

“He continued to encourage me to “be myself” and… he also gave me some help on what would make me stand out and make my appearances more memorable, which is hard to do with stock market commentary! I highly recommend his services and encourage anyone who is new to media to work with Mick. His constructive feedback is not only helpful but encouraging. Even if you find yourself critical of your appearances, Mick picks up on things that I totally missed! He is a must hire.”

Michelle McKinnon, Fox TV Business Analyst & Senior Financial Advisor, Payne Capital Investment

“With his experience and nuanced knowledge of the industry, Mick was able to go the extra mile to talk directly to the casting director of a major agency and get my name through.

“And boy did it bear fruit! I’m now signed with that very agency, and I can’t imagine that the same would have happened without Mick’s helping hand in all of this. Thank you so much, Mick!”

Aidan Hall, Voice Over artist, Soho Voices, UK
Zia Chaudhry

“For anyone seeking media and PR advice, Mick Ord’s expertise is invaluable.

“Sensible, practical and useful counsel, free of jargon and informed by a lifetime of media work sets Mick’s work apart and enables me to recommend him without hesitation.”

Zia Chaudhry MBE, DL, Director, Barrister, Author
Sara Lawton

“I commissioned Mick to conduct a piece of work relating to my social procurement business with the aim of raising the profile of the business and “getting our message out there”.

“Mick’s offer was very different to that of other PR/Media relations organisations and his experience and contacts shone through; from the very beginning Mick was very thorough and keen to understand all the elements of our business and how we operate. After his research Mick presented me with a ‘wish list’ of what we could potentially do to raise the profile of my business and I have to say every bullet point on the ‘wish list’ has been executed turning the list into a reality. Mick has done a fantastic job of understanding my business and in promoting our work to a wider audience he is effectively helping us to help others. Thank you Mick for a great job!”

Professor John Ashton

“Mick Ord is the real thing when it comes to PR and communications.

“When the Corona virus outbreak occurred he made sure that I was able to reach the widest possible audience with sensible, non-panicking information and messages. His extensive experience and contacts meant that I was able to engage both nationally and locally with very wide coverage. Mick is a consummate professional who puts the task at the centre, is pro-active and constantly thinking of the next step in optimising impact.”

Professor John Ashton, Public Health expert, ex-Director of Public Health NW England
Professor Michael Parkinson CBE

“I have known Mick Ord for over 30 years. He is a real pro.

“He recently did a very nice interview on my new book which many people saw and liked very much. Nicely balanced questions which got very nice answers. Not what always happens with your media! Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Professor Michael Parkinson CBE, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Civic Engagement, University of Liverpool
Kieran Gordon

“We engaged Mick Ord to prepare our senior team for handling crisis media communications. The session was very informative and at times intense; intense in that it provided a comprehensive and thorough insight into what can be expected when your Organisation is faced with a PR sensitive issue that attracts media attention.

“The simulated ‘real time’ on camera training was both exciting and challenging, using customised scenarios and probing journalistic techniques to put the team through its paces. The approach Mick took was to make it relevant to our business with realistic case studies from a well-researched brief. Like all learning, it happens best when it takes you out of your comfort zone, this was done with care and support and each member of the team benefitted from this approach and feel able to face the anticipated and the unknown.”

Kieran Gordon, CEO, Career Connect Limited, Merseyside
Erik Britton

“We sent six members of our team on a two-day media training course in Liverpool, organised by Mick Ord. They came back bubbling over with stories – it sounds like they had a great time. And they learnt a huge amount too.

“The aim was to give them a leg up so they can shoulder some of the burden of representing the company in the media, especially radio and TV in future. Mick and his team really got stuck into understanding our needs as a company, and the skills and responsibilities of each of the participants. As a result, the training was tailored to the company and to each individual. And we got feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals afterwards, which is The team were put through their paces, being grilled in front of a camera or microphone, and variously goaded and attacked with difficult or sometimes hostile questions. It was judged to a nicety: they all reported that the training was very tough but very constructive too, which is the perfect mix from our perspective. If they can do that, they have nothing to fear from the real world! I thoroughly recommend Mick and his team. We will be rolling out media responsibilities across some of the team immediately, while others need a bit more coaching.”

Erik Britton, MD, Fathom Consulting – Global Economic Consultancy
Dil Daly

“We are a medium size local charity that has very limited marketing skills but we need to get our message out there to promote our services.

“Within a short space of time Mick has managed to get our Dementia Day Care Service featured on BBC North West Tonight, secured us a slot on BBC Radio Merseyside and organised a promotional event at Liverpool One. Mick’s approach is practical, down to earth and resonates well with our staff who are not marketing experts by any means”

Dil Daly, Chief Executive of Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton
Mohammed Mehmet

“We didn’t want just another ‘run of the mill’ media training course. We wanted something that would stretch and challenge our thinking and performance.

“We were particularly interested in understanding more about social media and how to use it effectively and proactively for the benefit of our residents. We weren’t disappointed. Mick and his team put together a thought-provoking, relevant and insightful programme covering the full range of public and media communications. The whole team found it worthwhile.Taking a day out from our busy schedules is something that’s hard to do, but for Mick’s workshop it was time well spent and we’d do it again. I can’t recommend Mick and his team highly enough.”

Mohammed Mehmet, Former Chief Executive, Denbighshire County Council
Matt Wilson

“Working with Mick has been an honour. His experience and pragmatic approach has certainly helped IX Liverpool get exposure and access to media channels previously unimaginable.

“As a not-for -profit internet exchange that has been built by the community, we needed help with getting our marketing messages to the right people, from the media to the politicians and the people. We also needed help in communicating our message to the wider community and Mick has certainly helped us do this in many different ways. He really is a first class journalist who also enjoys giving something back to the local community, donating his time and expertise to help raise the profile of Liverpool’s digital economy to an international stage and we look forward to his continued support in the future”.

Professor Matt Wilson CEng, FIET, Chair of Liverpool Internet Exchange

“Mick was my media agent during my recent record-breaking Climb The UK challenge.

“Whilst on the road and regularly out of communication, it was essential that I could rely on someone to maximise and manage media opportunities on my behalf, and Mick fully rose to the task. Despite the unreliability of my schedule, I was impressed by the amount of coverage and momentum that Mick generated as I neared the finish line. From his vast experience Mick knows what is needed to get a winning story, and best of all, is personable and very easy to get along with.”

Tim Quinn

“Thanks to Mick Ord Media we have just had a splendid sellout two shows at the Cavern Club in Liverpool for US band, East of Eli featuring ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Supergirl’ star Chyler Leigh.

“With a crazy deadline, Mick brought in immediate BBC TV and radio both before and after our gigs raising profile of all involved. Looking forward to our next project with Mick.”

Tim Quinn, Mighty Quinn Management

“Mick is an excellent editor and manager of people. BBC Radio Merseyside achieved a ten year high in audiences under his stewardship.”

Aziz Rashid, Head of Regional and Local Programmes, BBC North West

“Mick is a great communicator and a hugely experienced journalist… He is extremely well connected with senior media, business and political figures and highly regarded both personally and professionally.”

Jack Stopforth MBE, Founder Director at Taylor Stopforth

“I’ve known Mick for more than 20 years. He ran one of the UK’s most successful radio stations, BBC Radio Merseyside, with imagination and flair in what is a highly competitive media market.”

Pat Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths University of London

“Mick is a great person to work with – great vision, energy and a great enthusiasm for collaborative working. We worked together on Safer Internet Day 2014… it was the most successful Day ever… more than 17 million people are estimated to have seen the content on TV, radio and online.”

Will Gardner, CEO Childnet International

“True leadership and brilliant editorial nous are difficult to describe, but easy to recognise, and Mick has them in spades…”

Simon Elmes, former Creative Director at BBC

“First class professional in broadcasting and public relations. I have worked with Mick on behalf of my charity for over 20 years and the experience has been excellent every time.”

Professor Ray Donnelly, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation