Restaurant PR case study

The Issue

The food and service at the restaurant were good but the business was losing money and the owners had a few hunches about what was going wrong but really needed to get to the  bottom of why things just weren’t working and why customers were staying away despite numerous leaflet drops, a strong social media presence and good trip adviser reviews.

They had to make a decision about whether to cut their losses and sell up or make some changes and persevere with the business in the hope that things would improve.

What we did

We commissioned a mystery customer survey comprising restaurant owners and people who were discerning about their food and who fell into the appropriate socio-economic target group.

We then drew up a publicity campaign based on the changes which the business made as a result of the survey. We proposed a number of food and wine tasting events, drew up a plan to polish up their social media engagement considerably and came up with a strategy which included much closer liaison with local businesses and opinion-formers to improve customer-engagement.

The business improved its taking considerably and is now thriving in a highly competitive market.

A small number of key changes were made to the menu, décor and service which resulted in a much improved customer experience and brand reputation and publicity.

The restaurant is now thriving.

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