One of the most useful tools to employ during a media interview is SILENCE.

But sparingly.

Easier said than done if your media experience is limited or if your nerves tend to take over when you’ve been asked a question by a professional interviewer but it’s one of the most important lessons you can learn and, as with most tasks, practice makes better .

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

Leonardo da Vinci

During your media preparation, taking time out to THINK about how you’re going to answer a particular question will reap benefits for your confidence even if it’s not asked during the interview.

Remember, if you consciously choose silence, as opposed to rabbiting away while your brain freezes and your tongue works overtime, it might sometimes be the best policy, particularly during a recorded interview, which can be edited afterwards.

And even during a live interview it might not actually be as disastrous as you imagine; at the end of the day, it’s the job of the interviewer to fill the gaps not you.

Our media training and crisis communications workshops are tailored to your specific needs so we show you how to prepare properly for an interview and how to overcome nerves and appear authoritative, calm and assured even if your stomach is doing somersaults.

“An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe.

A slight pause before articulating your thoughts can give you gravitas and authority.

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