There is not a person reading this who hasn’t had a fashion disaster at some time.

Here’s one from my collection – by no means the worst.

Note the eighties curly perm, skinny neckie, horribly tight-fitting elasticated leggings and ‘Chinese slippers’.

For a week’s walking holiday in Cornwall.

Global fashion

A few weeks ago I took a trip to a leading fashion brand nearer home – the Wirral offices of Oh Polly, the online global fashion retailer.

I didn’t go for fashion advice (30 years too late for that) but to media train some of their senior management team.

Oh Polly is a global fashion brand for females ‘aged between 18 -35’, exporting orders to customers in more than 150 countries.

It was a challenging and rewarding experience for all, even though most of the team had never had any media training before.

But if the press come knocking, they now know how to prepare for the interview, prioritise their messaging and how to express themselves in front of a camera.

Media training

Our communications workshops are geared towards experienced media interviewees and those who’ve never been in front of a camera or microphone before.

Despite initial reservations and maybe a few nerves, most people rise to the challenge – whatever their industry or level of experience.

And as for my fashion sense..well, I don’t wear elasticated trousers any more and the curly perm is gone forever.

But I do media training workshops focusing on crisis communications for global brands, local authorities and small charities.

Check out my testimonials page to check out their feedback.

If it’s media traing you want, get in touch with me any time.

As for fashion advice, I’d leave it to the experts if I were you.