A former colleague who left the BBC a few years ago told me that leaving the organisation is similar what it must feel like “coming off a class A drug”, such is the all-consuming nature of the organisation culture. This was certainly not meant as a criticism of the Beeb more a comment about the work and lifestyle changes that occur when you leave a big organisation for a much,much smaller one.

If that’s the case, then I guess metaphorically speaking I should be in cold turkey at the moment, having left the BBC at the end of March after 30 years.

Well, a few weeks in the non-BBC world I can report that it IS a bit weird not turning up at the office at 8am every day and logging onto the BBC intranet. But although I keep waiting for an Apocalypse Now moment it’s more like Alice in Wonderland as things become “curiouser and curiouser”.

So, for me anyway, it’s more of a slowburn process.

But I have been struck, and if I’m honest, a bit annoyed by people saying things like ‘What’s it like now you’re retired?’ “Ahem, I’ve a family to feed and support, pal. BBC pay wasn’t that good.”

What HAS struck me is how helpful so many people have been as I’ve blundered into offices or cafes and asked questions about Setting Up My Own Business, Getting An Accountant, Avoiding Daft Decisions, Networking, How to Live in Luxury on a Quid a Week…and so on.

I used LinkedIn more now as well – wow, the 21st century bites.

Not quite coming off a class A drug yet but maybe it’s a slow-burner.

In which case look out Alice… things are about to get very curious indeed.