There remains a perception in many organisations that a breach in cyber security means one thing and one thing only -“Get I.T. on the case” – as if once the issue is “sorted” the company can continue on the same path and re-establish its systems and processes as it did before.

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It’s not a problem confined to public bodies either as numerous recent articles have pointed out. Indeed, while cybersecurity is more likely than ever to be on the agenda at board meetings that doesn’t mean they have the expertise required about how to protect corporate assets from cyber attacks.

Crisis comms -all for one and one for all

In terms of how you manage your communications when security is breached and the media get to find out about it then be prepared to get all your ducks in a row when you’re asked by a well-briefed reporter whether your cybersecurity crisis plan was recently tested and proved to be suitable.

Or go even one better.

Work hard with  your board and senior managers to ensure that the whole organisation knows their role in the event of a crisis, cyber or otherwise.

Once that’s been regularly tested and the stress points identified it’s essential to ensure your communications team are geared up to deal with the internal and external comms and are capable of facing the media -social and traditional – with authority, humility and openness.

And that’s where we come in.