Often the hardest part of dealing with a crisis is controlling the narrative after the event. Things are rarely as black and white as the more damning comments in the boardroom or on social media might suggest, but once the damaging narrative gains momentum it belongs to you in the eyes of outsiders even though it may not be true.

But  it can be one almighty struggle to wrestle it back  under your control.

Ask SainsburysVolkswagon or indeed Amber Rudd.

Crisis management consultants used to say “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a day to destroy it”.

In 2018 you can change that to ‘ a few seconds’.

In the corporate world or the public sector if one of your senior staff makes a random remark that reflects poorly on your organisation it’s SO easy to watch it spiral out of control if it’s not managed quickly and efficiently by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Someone who recognises the importance of your customers,  your stakeholders and your staff.

It can help if that someone can see the wood from the trees and who isn’t part of  the prevailing workplace culture, which may need to change.

If you want us to review your crisis communications plans get in touch.

We can stress-test it to the limits via our high-intensity mock-news workshops.

If you don’t even have a crisis communications plan that’s even more reason to give us a shout. We’ll work hard with you to make sure you get one that’s resilient and that works.

A business associate in New York who runs a crisis communications consultancy has a big sign on his wall which says – “It’s easier to prepare and prevent than repair and repent”.

That says it in a nutshell as far as we’re concerned.

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