If you’re not on top of your game when you’re about to be interviewed on tv or radio then you may as well squirt ketchup all over your freshly washed & ironed shirt because you’re opening yourself up for potential ridicule or worse ; it won’t look good.

One of the most important messages in our intensive media training workshops concerns the Seven P’s.

In case you haven’t heard, that’s “Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”.

It’s an army saying which applies to so many areas of life but – and I guess I would say this wouldn’t I ? – particularly when you’re appearing in front of a microphone or camera when your reputation might be at stake.

Crisis comms – the Nightmare Questions

We insist that trainees think of what their” nightmare” questions might be prior to taking part in our mock-news scenarios.

Trainees are put into teams where they work on a series of increasingly difficult scenarios on which they are all interviewed – this includes preparing for the nightmare questions. It requires complete trust between all participants and some quick-thinking because if you are asked a really tough question preparing what you’re going to say first could make a big difference to your performance and your reputation.

Also, if the reporter or presenter throws a curved ball in your direction and asks a difficult question for which you haven’t prepared you may be pleasantly surprised how well you cope once the adrenalin is flowing and you get used to answering questions under pressure.

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And by the way, if your blouse or shirt is covered in tomato ketchup soak it cold water, liquid detergent, more cold water and then rub white vinegar onto stain and repeat as necessary.

It worked for me, anyway.