The American billionnaire Warren Buffet famously said ‘Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked’.

He was referring to companies who can hide their true nature when things are going well but when the going gets tough, that’s when you’ll discover what they’re really about.

The same is true in crisis communications.

There are still too many examples where organisations are being ‘caught out’ by complacency – thinking that if they ignore problems or pretend they don’t exist, they will get away with it, but is that really a risk worth taking?

Cover up

In crisis communications it’s crucial to make sure your senior leadership team are media-trained so they’re properly equipped to deal with the media, during the good times and bad.

Organisations live or die by their reputation and a mistake on social media or during an interview can make a difficult situation much worse. Equally, an accomplished performance by a manager can help to steady your brand reputation and improve morale.

Our intensive media training workshops are designed to get your team OUT of their comfort zone and confront realistic scenarios which challenge them to prepare fully and think on their feet, improving their self-confidence, whatever their level of media experience.

We replicate as closely as possible a real-life news scenario tailored to your needs.

A glance at the recent list of satisfied clients will help to reassure you that you’re in capable hands when booking media training.

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Crisis communications questions

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself about your crisis comms strategy. – if you tick all the boxes, well done – pour yourself a celebratory cup of tea or coffee.

  • Has your company spokesperson been interviewed by the media recently? Were you pleased with the results?
  • Has your CEO or Senior Leadership Team been media trained recently?
  • Has your Crisis Communications Plan been updated over the past 12 months and has it been tested recently for stress points?

If you tick all the boxes, well done!

If you don’t, get in touch with us and let’s chat about how we can help you to stop your team swimming naked when your competitors are well-covered.