How to handle the media before, during and after a crisis – your 10 point checklist

Do your emergency comms plan when there’s no crisis!

  • How robust is the plan? Has it been tested recently and is all the information up to date and easily accessible by your senior team?
  • What levels of trust have you already built with your key media contacts? How will you build on them?
  • What are your key messages and are you fully equipped to get them out to all your audiences? Including the wider public, your customers, all your staff and your stakeholders.
  • Who is leading your media communications and has he/she and the team been fully trained to handle the press and social media?
  • Are the messages from your organisation clear, concise and consistent?
  • How are you going to respond to your ‘nightmare’question?
  • Is the information on your website and social media platforms being updated regularly with consistent messages?
  • Does your messaging inspire trust in your organisation?
  • Does the tone of your communications reflect your company values as a responsible and accountable employer?
  • Who is monitoring media and performance coverage and -post crisis-how will you ensure you learn from the experience?

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